Always growing – in both ambition and experience


Romeo Corvaglia founds «Corvaglia Development» in Steckborn (Switzerland) with the vision in mind to develop integral closure solutions. From day 1 st focus was set on one-piece-closures made of plastic to be used on PET-beverage bottles.



First sales of closure production installations in China and Korea.



Acquisition of «Werkzeugbau Kellenberger AG» in Kaltenbach (Switzerland) and change of name to Corvaglia AG (nowadays Corvaglia Mould AG).



On July 24 Corvaglia Closures S.A. de C.V. begins production in a newly built production facility in Ixtlahuaca, Mexico.

Corvaglia Mould AG is certified to ISO 9001.



Acquisition of a 23'000 square-meter production facility in Eschlikon (Switzerland) and start of production at Corvaglia Closures Eschlikon AG.



Relocation of Corvaglia Mould AG into the new headquarter in Eschlikon.



Significant investments into new installations and machinery. Between 2003 and 2015 roughly 75 million CHF have been invested into the new locations in Eschlikon and Ixtlahuaca.



A new laboratory is established at the Eschlikon site. Due to the use of state-of-the-art equipment and test procedures the lab was officially accredited by one of the leading brand owners.



New ERP-, CAD-, CAM- and PLM-systems are successfully introduced and implemented.



Since 2013 the whole corvaglia group has been certified to all relevant ISO standards.



Since the commissioning of a fully automated milling center for mould plates the Corvaglia Mould AG closes the last remaining gap in order to carry out all manufacturing operations unmanned around the clock.


2016 - 2018

The automation Level at our closure production site in Eschlikon increased significantly.



Foundation of Corvaglia Closures USA Inc.