Shape caps

As a mold maker and developer, we know from experience that the decisive factor for production efficiency is how many high-quality closures can be produced within a certain time period. The closures must be easy to apply and use. At corvaglia, robust, tried-and-tested mold concepts go hand in hand with quality and precision. This means maximizing the number of closures produced in order to minimize both planned and unplanned downtime.


As a mold maker, we make sure that every component fits every other component. This modular approach to injection molding comes with significant advantages for you as the customer: you remain flexible. When you want to modify the mold, you only need to replace certain parts. The result is one hundred per cent exchangeability and less time and effort spent on servicing and repairs for the customer.


Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art machine park allow us to keep within extremely tight tolerances. Our innovative cooling technology helps raise your efficiency. Rapid and reliable production processes will keep you calm, cool and relaxed – even if a hot summer is on the way.

We think about your caps.